Cultural Life

Cultural Life – Festivals, Plays and Community Events

We aim to provide an environment where every individual is empowered to fulfil their aspirations through experiencing a healthy home, social, cultural and spiritual life. The celebration of festivals throughout the year is an important part of life in a Camphill community. Camphill communities celebrate many festivals throughout the year. This common life of celebration strengthens our sense of community and belonging, and connects us to the meaning of our shared lives.

As the year progresses festivals such as the more well-known Easter and Christmas, to lesser known festivals such as St. John’s or Candlemas provide a chance for all members of the community to come together and share in celebration and reflection.

Community events are a great way of bringing together family, friends, other Camphill communities and the wider community to celebrate and share the daily life of Orchard Leigh. Whether it’s a Summer Garden Party or an Autumn Hog Roast, these are great times for family and friends to meet the rest of the community and get a sense of the wonderful things that go on at Orchard Leigh Community on a daily basis; whether it’s experiencing the atmosphere in the home or seeing the wonderful products that are made in the workshops.

The festival time also provides an opportunity for creative expression; plays and singing punctuate the time of year and are greatly enjoyed as a chance to share drama, reading and music skills..”

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