Vacancies and Volunteering

Current Vacancies

We have a staff team that is well trained, dedicated and show a sincere regard for the wellbeing of our residents. Our staff represent an important aspect of our community in what is a unique and fulfilling setting. From time to time we seek to recruit like-minded individuals who are dedicated to providing quality support in our community setting.

Volunteer Co-working

Orchard Leigh Community supports the Camphill tradition of welcoming people from all over the world to join their work as resident volunteer co-workers. This is generally for the period of a year but shorter periods can be agreed to suit personal circumstances. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience a unique and unforgettable time, make great friends and learn lots of new skills. You should have a sincere interest in working with and sharing a household with adults with learning difficulties.

Following initial induction training, you will be part of a team supporting residents with a variety of needs, enabling where necessary their daily routine, in a range of activities ranging from household and lifestyle wellbeing to social, cultural and workshop related activities.

You will normally be part of a house community with a team of experienced staff members and other Volunteers and a number of residents with learning difficulties. In the house you will take your share of the general tasks such as meal preparation, cleaning and evening activities. You will take part in regular house and other meetings held to discuss aspects and arrangements of practical daily life or matters of wider community significance. You will also take an active part in and benefit from our community events such as plays, festivals and community events.

As a Volunteer Co-worker new to a community you will be required by our statutory welfare arrangements to complete a programme of Induction training. This will cover important aspects such as adult safeguarding, mental capacity and medications, health & safety requirements, professional boundaries.

The levels of responsibility you will carry require that you have a reliable level of both spoken and written English. Some residents have difficulties in communicating in spoken language. Co-workers with limited spoken English increase these difficulties. Our community is focused on the wellbeing of the human being and so it is very important that we are able to communicate with each other.

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